Compassion Resource Order Form

This form is designed for use by those advocating on behalf of Compassion International. If you need assistance, please contact the ACT For Compassion Team at (800) 336-7535 or email

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  1. Compassion Resource Order Form:
  2. We cannot ensure delivery on Sundays or Holidays. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days when placing orders to give Compassion staff adequate time to process the order and minimize shipping expenses. Any exceptions will require special approval and should include special instructions below.

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  1. Activity Details and Materials
  2. Start: Stop:
    1. Highly Vulnerable Children
    2. Medical Assistance
    3. HIV and AIDS Initiative
    4. Disaster Relief
    5. Child Survival Program
    6. Malaria Intervention
    7. Unsponsored Children
    8. Provide Safe Water for Life
    9. Where Most Needed Fund
    10. Partners of Compassion
    11. Leadership Development Program
    12. Other Fund:
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    2. BR005
      Sponsorship Brochures - Explains sponsorship and includes a tear off response piece for people to opt into sponsoring later - comes with LB301 (Source Code Labels)
      Compassion-at-a-Glance - two-page summary fact sheet, Who is Compassion International? (Click here to Download)
      Child Sponsorship Tabletop Display - Cardboard Counter Display that holds the included 40 Little Girl Brochures (BR005) - comes with LB301 (Source Code Labels)
      Compassion Distinctive Kit (preview)
      - Designed to help you explain holistic child development - contains construction instructions, talking points, body/mind/spirit/heart labels, "Restored Hope" cards, and Compassion logo signs
      Blue Compassion Table Covering
      Child Packet (preview)
      - Indicate country of interest in "comments" box below (preference not guaranteed) Order maximum 5% of the anticipated audience size.
      Prepaid FedEx Envelope - Trackable - addressed to Compassion - used to return Money, Donation Forms and Child Packet Acceptance Forms (one needed for each order funds will be returned)
      Water of Life Demo Kit (preview)
      - Demo Instructions (IN258), Bucket Sticker (IN396), Bucket and Filter
      Water of Life Brochure (preview)
      - includes Water of Life information and response coupon — comes with LB301 (Source Code Labels).
  5. If you need assistance, please contact the ACT For Compassion Staff at (800) 336-7535 or email us at