Church Partnership Options & Resources

Church Partnership Options with Compassion International

We know you have a vision for your church to help the world know Christ. We share that vision, too. In fact, we're already working with churches around the world to release children, families, and even entire communities from poverty, all while ensuring they're introduced to Jesus at the same time. So, let us come alongside you and your church, and together we can see your vision fulfilled.

Church Partnership Options with Compassion International: Customized Sponsorship Strategies


To see your church's vision fulfilled you want every member actively engaged. Our Child Development through Sponsorship Program makes that possible. Each family or individual in your church can easily be personally involved and see the specific impact they are making when they sponsor a child in poverty. Sponsorship provides for the physical, social, economic, and spiritual development of a child living in need. Sponsors are encouraged to form a personal relationship with their sponsored child as they pray for them, write to them, and share with them about the love of Jesus. All you need to do is let them know this opportunity exists, and we can help you do just that.


The success of any sponsorship campaign will be more likely if it clearly aligns with the values and passions your church already shares. Are you already at work in a particular country or part of the world? Are you involved in church planting? Are you interested in helping a new project get off the ground? Wherever your church's interests and concerns lie we can customize your sponsorship campaign to ensure they go hand-in-hand. Start the Conversation today!

We will do everything we possibly can to ensure you're successful in calling the members of your church to become sponsors. We've created all kinds of different resources to help. CLICK HERE to read more about these resources we have available.

Church Partnership Options with Compassion International: Meeting Critical Needs


A sponsorship campaign isn't the only way we can help you fulfill the vision you have for your church. We have many different programs that afford you and the members of your church the chance to provide for both the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world. Your involvement could look a couple of different ways. You might simply host a one-time fundraiser for a particular initiative, or you could partner with us in a more long-term capacity by dedicating a portion of your church's mission budget to the ongoing support of a specific project.

We are all about holistically developing children, families, and communities affected by poverty. To that end, we've created multiple Complementary Interventions to help address critical needs not met through sponsorship funds so each child can grow to fulfill their God-given potential. CLICK HERE to read more about the many different complementary interventions you can get involved in.


We'd love to hear from you. Click "Start the Conversation" below so we can talk with you about how God is calling your church to reach out to those who need Him most.