Church Partnership Complementary Intervention Options

Below are some of the ways we meet critical needs in the lives of the children we serve, along with some ideas of how you can fundraise or use mission fund dollars to make an impact. We can also provide your church with a proposal to meet a specific, targeted need. To explore using any of these options, simply click the Start the Conversation button.


Child Survival

A child in a developing country is 10 times more likely to die before the age of 5 than a child born in a modern country. The Child Survival Program ensures both moms and babies receive life-giving support through a local church.

  • Fundraising Example: Expand the worldview of the children in your church by dedicating the offering at your next Vacation Bible School to our CSP.
  • Missions Budget Example: Consider supporting a specific CSP at a local church for a whole year.

Develop Leaders

We are just as concerned for the ongoing success of children, even once they graduate from our sponsorship program. Help these students finish strong by giving them opportunities to learn a trade, earn a technical degree, attend university or seminary or maybe launch an entrepreneurial business so they can best impact their families and community for Christ.

  • Fundraising Example: Sell coffee and doughnuts to your college ministry for a whole semester with the proceeds going to help develop these future leaders.
  • Missions Budget Example: According to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees for one in-state student in the U.S. is $9,410. That amount from your church's budget could enable a lot of students to finish strong and launch their careers.


Natural disasters can be devastating for anyone, especially for children and families already living in poverty. Our disaster relief fund provides for the ongoing needs of those affected by disasters in the countries where we currently work.

  • Fundraising Example: People often want to donate items following a natural disaster. Instead, host a church-wide yard sale and donate the proceeds to our Disaster Relief Fund.
  • Missions Budget Example: It is best to be prepared for relief as opposed to reacting to a particular disaster. Committed regular support enables us to be able to respond whenever and wherever the need arises.


More than half the world's population lives in areas at risk of malaria transmission or other diseases spread by mosquitoes. This can often be prevented through the simple provision of a mosquito net, made possible through our Bite Back program.

  • Fundraising Example: Your student ministry could solicit donations from your church membership for every hour they campout with just a cot and a mosquito net.
  • Missions Budget Example: Cover one mosquito net for every child in your church.


Children in poverty are at the greatest risk for diseases that can often be prevented through basic sanitation, good hygiene and access to safe water. Giving to this fund helps us provide training, education and tools that can truly save lives.

  • Fundraising Example: Host a Water of Life event to promote health among your members and to raise money for clean water for children and families in poverty.
  • Missions Budget Example: Be practical. Match what your church spends on paper towels, toilet paper and waste collection with giving to our Sanitation and Hygiene fund.


Unsure of which initiative is right for your church? Want to be a part of all we're doing at Compassion? Then consider giving to our Most Needed Fund to provide essential support wherever the need is most critical.

  • Fundraising Example: Challenge your church to include children around the world in their Christmas giving this year by granting a financial gift to the Most Needed Fund.
  • Missions Budget Example: Make Compassion your partner in fulfilling our command to care for the poor by annually giving a portion of your church budget to the Most Needed Fund. the difference in your church, let us know. We'd love to discuss how we might make it happen.
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