Individual Visit Request Form

To request a individual visit, please ensure your request meets the criteria listed below, and proceed to the link at the bottom to submit your request form. When we receive your request form, we will review your visit date and details.

If your date is accepted, we will send a customized visit registration link to you via email, which you will need to fill out immediately so we can begin to arrange your visit with our country staff.

  • A individual visit consists of one sponsor meeting a child or children. You are welcome to bring family members or friends to your visit. If you will be traveling with any additional sponsors who are also meeting a child, please cancel out of this form and fill out the Group Visit Request Form instead.
  • Visits are limited to a single day, averaging 2-6 hours, and are arranged Monday through Friday, during regular business hours. Exceptions may be made to allow additional weekday visit days if you sponsor multiple children in different areas, and this will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • An individual visit requires a minimum of eight weeks' advance notice. However, we recognize that in some cases, sponsors may not be able to provide such advance notice. If your visit is short notice, we will be happy to review your travel information and the logistics necessary to accomplish a visit to determine if a visit can be arranged.

Contact Information

  1. No Yes
  3. I understand that each adult in my party (18 and older) will be responsible for completing a $40 background check, and that I am responsible for all international travel and Compassion will only facilitate the visit date.

  4. I understand that the majority of my visit expenses will be due prior to departure.